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Kevin Arsenault

CEO & Designer




Naples, Florida

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About Me

When I was a kid growing up in New England, I remember saying to myself, " If I could do anything, I would want to create really cool places to hang out in".  As I got older, I began working at a landscape nursery and learned about plants and how to lay out a beautiful yard. Then I moved to Florida, which is more of a hospitality destination. Here, I focused on the service industry, how to listen to people's requests and to not only provide them with what they wanted, but to exceed their expectations. I also learned a lot about the bar business and how having an organized workspace would make you more efficient. 


I have always been handy and I enjoy coming up with projects around the house, some of which were really a bit too ambitious for one person, lol. After wanting to explore that industry more, I left the hotel business and got back into my passion of designing and building. I worked for a cabinet shop doing installations, fabrication and eventually sales and design. I also grew my knowledge of woodworking and functional spaces such as kitchens, baths, wet bars, architectural enhancements and entertainment centers. Now, In addition to designing indoor spaces, I'm exploring some great outdoor spaces and projects for the home and yard. Stay tuned for more great projects.


I welcome your comments or reach out to me if you would like to collaborate.

Acquired Skills

Proficient in AutoCAD, Cabinetvision, and Sketchup

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